Over the weekend I’ve aquired one of my new favorite pans! I picked up a Amercook Casserole pot from Walmart for a low price! As you can tell by some of my recipes, I love to cook and it’s been hard finding pans that get the job done. I have had an easy time finding a pan that is cheap, but it’s not really worth the price when the quality is awful! This pan is not that, it’s one of my new favorite.

I make a fantastic tuna casserole recipe that was handed down to me by my grandmother when I was young. This recipe isn’t like any normal casserole because it’s not baked, it’s all cooked on the stove top. My recipe calls for a large amount of cheese that so often makes the recipe hard to fit in one pan, sticky, and not very fun to cook if you don’t have the right pan. The casserole recipe is heavy in cheese so it’s too often that I’d find myself scraping the sides of the pan because the cheese stuck to the sides. However, with my casserole dish from Amercook this recipe was simple and cooked quick without my cheesy fight.

The pan I bought is an 11 inch round heavy duty low casserole pan with a lid. The pan includes steel handles and an induction-heating bottom for quick and even cooking. The interior Greblon C3 Granito nonstick ceramic coating is BPA free, scratch-resistant and will not react to acidic foods, while our aluminum bases ensure the casserole heats up evenly and quickly with no hot spots. This pan can be used on the stovetop or in the oven.

To get a pot of your own, I’ve found it on Walmart’s site at the same low price I paid!

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