Today I’m going to tell you a little about the treasure box method of discipline and how it changed my chaotic home during the terrible twos and threes. When we are raising a young toddler they go through several stages. In these stages, the young mind is developing and trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong. They will also copy many of the behavior they see around them from daycare or playing with other children. During the twos and threes, children often try to push their limits as much as possible and see what they can get away with.

Now, I’m not saying your child is a brat, but mine were brats! You could try to nicely talk it out, you could go the mean parent way and smack their butts, you could put them in time out and it just wasn’t working! I was pulling my hair out for a year. That was until I realized, maybe I’m doing this with the wrong aproach. I was giving my children every reason to not do something, but the temptation for their little mind was too much.

I switched my methods to the giving a reward for good behavior approach. In my house we call this the treasure box method. For every good day that we have without fighting, kicking, yelling, or acting up in school/daycare they get to go in the treasure box. I fill this box with clearance stamps from after holidays, colored pencils, $1 coloring books, crayons, and fun little items. Then from there on for when your children gets older I gave another incentive. My son was 5 when I told him that if he was good for two entire weeks that he could get a new game for his DS. For him, this was a very hard challenge considering he wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD yet.

The method over the years calmed down the behavior, it’s the same concept of giving a child a lolipop during potty training. After some years, I took away the treasure box after slowly not mentioning it. The behavior for my oldest had completely changed and he started to behave. However, my youngest son is now going through the same issues with testing his limits.

Every method is going to be different for every child, and it’s going to take time to see what works for you. This worked the best to my defient little children, because they would yell at me “I don’t care if I get time out” or ” Go ahead and give me a punishment” etc. If your child is giving you these same lines or similiar, it might be time to change what you’re doing.

How our treasure box works:

Each day the child is good they get a small reward from the “treasure box”

For Older Children:

I found at the dollar store stickers and a chart that I put the stickers on. As soon as they had 7 in a row they would get to choose a larger item from a different box.

For our Sticker Chart we used this one that we had found online:

We hope this method works for you! Remember, you’ll have to remind the kiddos of what they could get to keep them on track. If you liked this post or on of our others, make sure to subscribe and follow us on social media.