The best thing to do on a weekend is sit down with the kid’s and enjoy a nice day of coloring or a craft project. Today we want to show you a brand of oil pastels that is our favorite. They are priced nicely and work fantastic. We often sit down with a piece of Pastel paper, a box of Cucublue Oil Pastels, and a cup of oil / q-tips.

With kid’s I find the oil pastels are easier to use as they give them the chance to work their fine motor skills, draw pretty pictures, spark their creative side, and my favorite… it’s almost mess free. With my younger son I’ll typically draw something in sharpie for him to color or give him a coloring sheet. From there he colors freely and then when he is all done we put a little bit of oil ( or skin so soft if you don’t have any oil) on the tip of the q-tip and slowly spread it across the oil pastel. The oil then blends all the rough spots together and makes one solid color.

A great example by : The Artful

We try to do a project once a week with the kid’s, it’s a great relaxation process for all of us and it sparks their imagination. When I first started showing my son to draw he would always ask me, “Mommy, What should I draw?”. Now I don’t have to say a word, because he grabs the paper and the next thing I know my fridge is filled!

We use oil pastels twice a month due to the low cost and mess free feature. I love to paint and the kid’s do too, but sadly our table cloth is not a fan. We chose the Cucublue Oil Pastel set because it comes with 36 colors and it’s non toxic and safe for the kids. Did I mention they are also prime so it only takes two days to get to us! We got ours here :