Laundry Tips for The Best Smelling Laundry

My family is filled with dirty playful boys, and mess makers. My significant other is a gear head and his clothes are FILTHY! He will come home from work or in from the garage with oil, dirt, and everything you can think of ground into his clothes. This goes the same for the boys, minus the oil. With that being said I’d had to find the perfect laundry routine that will get everything out. I’m going to show you Laundry Tips for The Best Smelling Laundry. I’ve tried almost every laundry detergent out there without any luck. The clothes would still have a residue, a funk smell left behind, or stains still on their pants.

Today I’m going to tell you about how I get ALL stains out, and exactly what I use to make their clothes smell fantastic. First I want to show you a chart I found on pinterest years ago that has immensly helped.

For heavy stains I’ve used the above tricks. However, for most of the dirt and oil I’ve seen I suprisingly don’t use much of anything. The secret that I’ve found is tide sport. Every brand of detergent has something a little stronger, however nothing has ever compared to the tide sport. It’s meant to wash away sweat from clothes after working out etc. So I thought it might be perfect for their clothes, since they are indeed the ultimate mess makers. I’ve never been so pleased with a detergent before. I’ll load my clothes into the washer (bras or shoes in a delicate bag). I’ll add a cup, sometimes a cup and a half of Tide Sport to a full load of laundry. I’ll also add downy’s fabric softener to the middle of the drum. The mixture of these two scents are incredible and leave the clothes so clean! I haven’t had to sit for hours and scrub.

I buy my bottles of tide on amazon ( the link will be below), I find them to be cheaper than in the store for the amount of laundry I accomplish in a week.

When it comes to drying, I’ve try to use dryer sheets or my wool balls. They fluff the clothes nicely and leave them soft. When I’m drying large blankets I will use a more rugid approach with a plastic spiky dryer ball.

I hope this helps all of the moms and wives out there with stinky husbands and children. I hope you liked our Laundry Tips for The Best Smelling Laundry. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter!