Have you ever worked out with ankle straps? Did you know you’ll burn more by using weights? After having a kid I was completely lost in the gym. To be honest, I didn’t step in a gym until after I had a child, it was a very scary place. The equipment was unlike anything I’ve seen and I didn’t know what to do first.

Here is a great comparison of benefits from @sam_xceedfit

After some time I fell in love with a workout routine that worked out everything! Today I’m going to show you a few routines that I use to drop weight quickly and burn fat faster.

First we start with the Stair Stepper for 15 minutes to rise your heart rate and get a sweat going.
The next one is 20 reps at whatever weight is Tolerable on the ab cruncher. This machine will kick your butt!
Near the Cable machines and weight room, there are these corded ropes. putting them on the cables and pulling in a straight down method works the muscles in your arms. Make sure your feet are together. I usually do about 20 reps of these as well.
This one is for building resistance and muscles in your legs. We use the Newbona Ankle Straps for our ankle cable workouts.

We got our Newbona Ankle Straps for Cable Machines Ankle Cuffs here:


After accomplishing the above I usually repeat the cycle over again two more times or I’ll move on to what is called the circuit room at Planet fitness. This room is only recommended a few times a week for the intensive workout equipment, that will work all parts of your body.